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Software and data

Software and data



Structural music segmentation (Matlab)
License: GPL version 3
Authors: G. Sargent, S.A. Raczyński, F. Bimbot, E. Vincent, S. Sagayama


This software ranked first for the “Audio structural segmentation” task of the 6th Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX) in terms of segment boundary F-measure, both with 0.5 s and 3 s tolerance.

Automatic melody harmonization (GNU R/Python)
License: GPL version 3
Authors: S.A. Raczyński, S. Fukayama, E. Vincent

Multiple pitch estimation (GNU R)
License: GPL version 3
Authors: S.A. Raczyński, E. Vincent, S. Sagayama

Multichannel harmonic and percussive component separation (Matlab)
License: GPL version 3
Authors: N. Q. K. Duong, H. Tachibana, E. Vincent, N. Ono, R. Gribonval, S. Sagayama



KSN database of functional harmony annotations
Authors: H. Kaneko, S. Sagayama, K. Ebiko, Y. Noda, A. Yumi, S.A. Raczyński, D. Kawakami

METISS database of music structure annotations
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
Authors: F. Bimbot, O. Le Blouch, E. Deruty, G. Sargent, E. Vincent

DEMAND database of 16-channel real-world noise recordings
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
Authors: J. Thiemann, N. Ito, E. Vincent


Emmanuel Vincent
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